Here's a Young Steph Curry and His Dad in a Very '90s Burger King Commercial

The '90s were a wild time: Adam Sandler still made funny movies, fat-free food was good for you, and the curry most people talked about wasn't Stephen, or massaman. Nah, it was Mark

But coming in a close second: Dell Curry, star shooting guard and eventual all-time leading scorer for the NBA's Charlotte Hornets. And as with any star athlete, Curry cashed in on his relative fame through endorsements. And today, somebody surfaced this clip the 3-point dagger specialist did for Burger King. But it's only gaining traction today because it features his son, reigning NBA MVP Step Curry, and was rebroadcast during Monday's Warriors vs. Hornets game on Comcast Sports Net Bay Area.

"What's it take to be a great basketball player like you?" Steph asks.

"Well, you've really got to want it," Dell says. "You've got to taste it. You got to be able to smell it. I mean, you've really got to be hungry for it."

Were Whoppers at a young age the secret to Steph's other-wordly shooting abilities? Probably not. But hey, they taste pretty good, and the commercial is entertaining.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He likes Steph Curry. Although he's actually a Cavaliers fan, so he feels pretty conflicted about that. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.