Here's Why Stephen King Says You Should Stay on a Motel's Top Floor

Stephen King travel tip

Stephen King has given you plenty of things to fear. Clowns. Dogs. Fog. Hotels. Being alone. Being with people. In a recent New York Times interview about travel, King mentions a couple useful travel tips that have nothing to do with scaring you. There are no tips for avoiding murder at the hands of sentient water in a seaside B&B. These are actually useful.

As an author with boatloads of bestsellers, he has to travel a fair amount. Though you may be surprised to learn he's not a fan of traveling and does it by car because he feels "more in control when [he's] driving than when [he's] flying." To boot, he's not staying anywhere fancy. He said he prefers to stay in a Motel 6 and eat at Waffle House

"I’m not hard to please," he told the Times. "Give me a motel room somewhere near the Interstate with a chair out front where you can sit and read a book and I’m just as happy as can be."

As a person experienced with motels, he has some sage advice. “Always ask for a room on the end of the motel because the chances of having a party next door are a little less,” King says. “Or, if it’s a three-story hotel, get a room on the top floor and then you don’t have to worry about the couple above you deciding they’re going to go at it all night long.”

He also keeps his bag sparse, but always brings a backup book. "There’s the book that I’m going to read and the backup in case the book is terrible," he says.

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