Steve Carell Trolled Fans About an 'Office' Reboot and People Were Not Happy

Steve Carell The Office Troll

Steve Carell sure seems like a nice guy, doesn't he? Just a real swell guy. Just an average fella who you could have a beer with after work.

Turns out, that's totally wrong. How can you be sure? Because he trolled fans hard Wednesday. Carell sent out a tweet to his 4.95 million followers on Twitter telling them that NBC was bringing The Office back.

Honestly, it's the exact kind of prank Michael Scott would pull. Carell did to everyone on Twitter what Scott did Pam Beasley, pretending she was fired for a laugh. It's heartless and totally on character.

At first, fans were cautiously optimistic about the news. 

But then Carell corrected himself. Oh, he meant Will and Grace is coming back to NBC. Easy mistake to make, right?

People were not fans of having their hearts toyed with by Mr. Michael Scott Carell.

On the upside, maybe the prank got NBC execs excited enough that they're going to try and reunite the cast for a holiday special like it's the British The Office.

h/t Mashable

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