Storm Chaser Follows Tornado With Drone and the Footage Is Amazing

If Twister taught us anything, besides the fact that cows can fly, it's that storm-chasing isn't a hobby for the faint of heart...

If Twister taught us anything besides the fact that cows can fly, it's that storm chasing isn't a hobby for the faint of heart. Though by sending a drone to do the dirty work, you can not only mitigate some of the danger, but also get a view of the funnel-shaped phenomena in an a fresh and captivating way. Just look at this insanely mesmerizing video a drone recently captured as it followed a tornado in Oklahoma.  

This incredible aerial footage was shot by a drone deployed by the team of big-time storm chasers at WXChasing near Sulphur, Oklahoma on Tuesday, and it illustrates precisely how powerful they can be. It may not seem like a monster in size, but its destructive might is obvious as it passes over clusters of trees, causing them to violently bend to and fro in its wake. It even creates a mini waterspout passing over a small pond, sending water splashes up and out in all directions.

Fortunately, no people or property appear to have been hurt or damaged by the funnel. The full four-minute clip is weirdly hypnotic, and well worth a watch. 


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.