Stove Top Made an Entire Fancy, Stuffing-Inspired Fashion Line

We've seen cuter, but we've also seen uglier?

Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection
Steven Metzer

Stove Top wants you to don stuffing-inspired formalwear at Thanksgiving dinner this year. The Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection includes five "fancy" accessories that aren't very practical, but fun to look at.

“Let’s face it: the sweatpants fatigue is real, and people are looking for any excuse to get dressed up this year,” said Juliet Levine, brand manager of Stove Top, in a press release. “We hope our Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection makes people look and feel their very best this Thanksgiving.”

The items range from $4.79 to $30 and can be purchased online starting Tuesday, November 17, at noon.

Here's the lineup:

Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection
L to R: Stuffed headband, reversible shawl, and red velvet dinner jacket | Steven Metzer

The spiffy stuffed headband, $6.99

From a distance, it almost looks regal!

The reversible Stove Top shawl, $11.50

We'd prefer if it weren't reversible, but what the hell—a little sponcon never hurt anyone.

The stuffing-lined dinner jacket, $30

It's unisex, it's red velvet, and it's perhaps the most elegant piece in the collection.

Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection
Top: Red velvet dinner jacket with a pocket square and "stufflinks"; Bottom: Close-up of the "stufflinks" | Steven Meltzer

The Stove Top pocket square, $4.79

Pull it out and use it as a handkerchief when it comes time to wipe the stuffing on your face. The food stains will blend right in!

The stufflinks, $9.50

That's stuffing cuff links, if you couldn't figure it out. Look at the detail on these suckers. Remarkable.

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