Stove Top Brings Back 'Stuffing Pants' & They Come with an Extra Pocket for Leftovers

Elastic waistband? Check!

If you're dressing to impress on Thanksgiving, stop. Your Turkey Day outfit should revolve around one thing and one thing only: maximizing space for seconds or even thirds. That is precisely what iconic holiday food brand Stove Top is prioritizing with its latest launch.

The company is bringing back its "Stuffing Pants" that boast an elastic waistband (because, of course) and an extra pocket to store leftovers. 

"After listening to our fans and hearing the demand to bring comfort to the Thanksgiving dinner table, we are thrilled to bring back our Stuffing Pants this year with a modern twist," Associate Director of Marketing at Kraft Heinz Martina Davis said in the press release. "We understand that one of the most important parts of holiday dinners is comfort and convenience, so we are excited to launch our Stuffing Pants to make Thanksgiving fun and allow you to enjoy life's special moments with friends and family." 

The 'fit, which will hit Amazon on November 16 at 6 am, features "360-degree stuffin'-stretch technology," an extra-wide waistband, "Stove Top" red fabric, and of course, an extra large cargo pocket so you can sneak some leftovers for later.

You can snag the jogger-style pants for $24.99, and don't forget to snag the stuffing with it. You can opt between Stove Top's Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Cornbread, Savory Herb, or Traditional Sage. Just don't tell Grandma it's better than her homemade. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.