This Kitten Rescue From 12 Stories Up Is Dizzying

Cats are nimble little creatures, and sometimes curiosity gets them in big trouble. Take this bewildered little feline for example. It got stranded out on a 12-story window, with its frightened eyes looking all sorts of helpless:

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Singapore chapter posted this video to Facebook in honor of World Animal Day, which occurred yesterday. It’s a stark reminder that a little minor negligence can occasionally warrant a kitty-911 call. As you can see, an SPCA safety officer brought the kitten to safety with the aid of a rope, but things could have gotten worse, as there was a lot of empty air between the cat and the ground. Luckily, the cat was reunited with its owner, who probably felt an immediate wave of relief.

If you live in a tall building, the SPCA advises you to "mesh up" your windows, especially if your cat is an escape artist. Or just put the screens down. That should work too. 

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