The Upside Down

Barb Makes an Angry Return to 'Stranger Things' on 'The Tonight Show'

[Note: Spoilers for Season 1 of Stranger Things follow.]

The same day that Netflix announced there will be a second season of Stranger Things, Barb came back to life. Or, she kind of did. The kids of Stranger Things were guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the show had them return to Mike's basement for a game of Dungeons & Dragons

In the scene, the role of Jean-Ralphio look-alike Steve Harrington was played by Fallon, and he had a surprise for the boys and Eleven: Barb is back. And holy shit is Barb pissed that no one bothered to look for her.

Dustin posed that it seemed like she could take care of herself as a reason she never got her own search party. Her expletive-laden response makes it seem like she didn't love sleeping in a cocoon with black slugs making her body a nest in The Upside Down. However, for all of Barb's devoted fans, fake Barb had some good news. She's not coming back for Season 2, but she's getting her own spin-off called Orange is the New Bitch.

While everyone wants to know more about Barb's fate, the real unanswered question of the series is left hanging in this hypothetical coda. Why did the show end on an attack role when Will was casting a fireball? That's not how Dungeons & Dragons works and it has to mean something. Seriously, this needs an explanation.

Watch the sketch in the video above.

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