'Stranger Things' Is Already Producing Hilarious Memes

Stranger Things memes
This post contains minor spoilers for Stranger Things Season 2 from Episode 3.

Season 2 of Stranger Things arrived over the weekend. If you were too busy binging it (or maybe just avoiding spoilers), you might have missed how the show is already spawning memes. 

Twitter user @drgxns is determined to enshrine what might be the finest moment of Chief Jim Hopper's TV life. In Episode 3, as he and Eleven start cleaning his grandfather's cabin, the Chief throws on some Jim Croce and does a little wiggling dancing. Even the show's account noticed this felt like a moment built for memery. 

But the show's Twitter account doesn't elevate this to the hilarious art it has become.

Another account, @HopperDancingTo, does nothing but post Hopper dancing to different songs. It even takes requests. Want to see Hopper dancing to Blackstreet? It's there. The Beatles? Check. Almost any song you let Hopper dance to is wonderful.

How good is this? Even David Harbour, who plays Hopper, loves it. It won over his "stone cold heart."

The @HopperDancingTo account is dedicated. It's fulfilling requests and has posted a whole lot of videos.

And, of course, he dances to the show's theme song.

Yes, it works with more songs than you'd imagine. 

Even Director Shawn Levy loves Hopper dancing.

Watch even more Hopper dancing here.

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