People Are Flipping Out Over Whether Strawberries Are an Acceptable Pizza Topping

Much like a preferred underwear brand or political affiliation, the kind of toppings you enjoy on pizza are a highly personal choice. Similarly, that choice may sometimes put you at odds with lots of other folks, as one Twitter user undoubtedly learned after a photo they posted glorifying strawberries as a pizza topping sparked a hilariously heated debate. 

Watch your back, pineapple, you've got some fruity competition.

The brouhaha began on October 29 after Twitter user @MoonEmojii tweeted a grainy photo of a pizza topped with sliced strawberries. They captioned it with "strawberries >> pineapples," which is presumably a reference to the debate that broke out earlier this year when everyone from Gordon Ramsay to the President of Iceland came out swinging against putting the tropical fruit on pizza, and even random pizza joints started refusing to make pineapple pies for customers. Now, it appears yet another fruit-on-melted-cheese-and-bread controversy has emerged, and this one's off to a fiery start. 

Spoiler: Almost no one was on board with @MoonEmojii's unconventional choice.

In response, @MoonEmojii doubled down.

However, that did nothing to quell the stream of disgust. In fact, it only seemed to embolden the haters. 

Although a handful of people did chime in to defend the choice, citing the fact that it's not that weird to pair fruit with cheese.

And while strawberries may indeed be a better topping than pineapple, the moral of this whole episode is that if you feel compelled to broadcast your taste for unorthodox flavors on a piping hot pie to the pizza-loving masses, you better be prepared to handle the wrath that it will inevitably unleash.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.