Student Calls in Fake Airplane Bomb Threat to Keep Parents From Visiting


Parents coming to visit isn't most people's favorite experience. It's not fun to have someone who cares about you see that, wow, you actually live like this. But you should just try to make the best of it -- and you should absolutely not call in a bomb threat to stop it. We assure you, there are easier ways.

Yet, that's exactly what a 23-year-old French student is being charged with doing to a January 18 easyJet flight from Lyon to Rennes. The 159 passengers were forced to return to their departure airport shortly after take off.

“The captain took the decision as a precaution only,” an easyJet spokesperson told The Independent. “The aircraft landed safely and was met by the fire brigade and the police in line with procedures. Passengers disembarked normally and were provided with information and refreshments.”  

Passengers were able to make the journey on a different plane later in the day. 

"The person behind the act has been identified," the public prosecutor of Rennes explained in a statement. "It was a 23-year-old student who did not wish his parents, who were aboard the plane, to join him in Rennes."

This probably leaves you with more questions than answers. Did he plan to do this all along? Was it last-minute desperation? Was his room really that dirty? We may never know.

In May, he'll appear in court, where he could face a sentence of five years in prison and a $85,000 fine. If there's any ambiguity here still, let us be clear: Don't do this.

Now go call your mom.

h/t The Independent, Travel & Leisure

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