Student Orders KFC Just so Delivery Guy Can Kill a Spider Lurking in Her House


In today's gig economy, delivering Kentucky Fried Chicken might also require you to perform domestic tasks in stranger's homes. Expecting to hand off a sweaty bag of fried chicken, a delivery man in England's south coast was quickly asked to rise above the mandate of his menial job: he had to kill a spider lurking in a woman's home. 

22-year-old Demi Sweeney ordered KFC through the service Deliveroo, but attached a note indicating that whoever brings the food should also be a fearless slayer of arachnids. But the delivery guy, whose name is Joe and who deserves some kind of raise and maybe a plaque cementing his selfless achievement, was also something of an arachnophobe. 

Nevertheless, he persisted. 

"I showed him where it was, handed him the tissue roll and got him a chair, but when he reached for the spider he accidentally dropped it, which made me panic more," the criminology student told Metro UK. 

Sweeney was freed from her self-imposed spider hostage situation when the driver crumpled the eight-legged beast into a napkin and threw it away. But since she posted the story on Twitter, various users are lauding her industry, calling her idea something of a breakthrough for people afraid to engage with spiders. 

But for the love of God don't turn this into an app.