Bald Men Are More Dominant and Attractive Than Dudes With Hair

There are many seemingly powerful bald men in show business. Patrick Stewart famously wore a gleaming scalp when he was Captain Picard on Star Trek. Jason Statham -- the bald dude from such high-octane thrill rides as The Transporter and Crank -- is a bonafide ass-kicking machine. Oh yeah, and then there’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

This follows a trend supported by science, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. In a study that asked three groups to rate photos of men according to certain character traits like dominance, confidence and attractiveness, bald men won in a clean sweep. This, the study’s lead author Albert E. Mannes notes, might prompt guys to throw their Rogaine in the trash.

“Choosing to dispense with one’s hair is arguably a form of nonverbal behavior, a form of expression which communicates information about the self otherwise difficult to observe,” the study states, meaning that bald men are basically more mysterious than guys with fancy haircuts. This lends itself to an air of confidence and dominance that seems to radiate from shiny heads everywhere. Or as the research tells it: “Men with shaved heads will fare better economically in negotiations,” so don’t do business with a bald man.

One caveat though: You have to be completely bald for this to apply to you. Guys with male-pattern baldness -- and spotty patches of hair lining the circumference of their heads -- were actually perceived to be weaker than the Bruce Willis-es of the world.

But hey, it might be a better option to shave your head instead of spending $1000 on hair plugs.

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