Study Proves the French Are Actually the Worst Lovers


French men may think they're the best lovers, but the women are probably faking

A study conducted by Ifop, a French marketing organization, surveyed women from France, Canada, Italy, the US, Germany, the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands to find out which country's women are failing to climax most often. Turns out, French women top the unsatisfied charts, with 49% reporting that they "fairly regularly" have trouble orgasming during sex. So, apparently all those "Oui, Ouis" are not for reals.

Next in this sad line of pleasure-seekers, 46% of Canadian and Italian women have issues getting there. As far as the "macho" US is concerned, American women came in fourth, with 44% reporting failure to reach orgasm. 

Women also reported on the sexual practices that get them to orgasm most often. Masturbation grabbed the top spot here with 80% of the vote, because no one knows you better than you. The second-most preferred method was penetration with clitorial stimulation, while just vaginal penetration came fifth on the list. But if you're set on doing things the fifth-best way, then apparently you should do it missionary, because most countries agreed that missionary was the best position.

Check out how the countries stacked up below. And don't take it too hard, France. You still have the best cheese, and that's something. Actually, that's everything. French cheese is pretty orgasmic. 

8. Netherlands - 28% reported problems

7. Spain - 40% reported problems

6. UK - 41% reported problems

5. Germany - 42% reported problems

4. US - 44% reported problems 

2. (tie) Italy - 46% reported problems

2. (tie) Canada - 46% reported problems 

1. France - 49% reported problems

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