A Ridiculous Number of People Have Sex at Work, Study Reports to Everyone's Horror

people have sex at work

A Swedish politician recently proposed government-mandated sex breaks from work. That was met with mixed reactions. However, it turns out those breaks might not be necessary because tons of people are already having sex at work.

Australian retailer Yellow Octopus surveyed 1,000 people -- a relatively small sample size -- about sex in the workplace. While the results aren't entirely scientific, there are some surprising takeaways.

sex in the workplace
Yellow Octopus

Their data shows loads of people think about sex at work, but far fewer act on the impulse. That's probably about in line with what you might guess. However, "far fewer" is probably a bit larger than you expect, or, if you're in a management position, hope. 11 percent of respondents engaged in sex with a co-worker at their place of work. Another four percent has had sex with a non-employee at work. (How are they dealing with folks who work from home?)

Of those people having sex at work, it's mostly taking place after hours, which makes sense. Yet, somehow, 36 percent of those people had sex during work hours. The survey didn't specify job types or time of day, but at most jobs breaking for a quickie isn't in the employee manual.

Most may feel like "live and let live" -- read: try really hard not to think about it -- is a fair policy when thinking about your co-workers and the possibility they've been en flagrante delicto in the workplace. At least, live and let live until it involves your workspace. 

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