People Who Do the Weed Do the Sex More


Here's a little nugget of spicy-hot information that'll make your D.A.R.E. instructor spin in his grave -- assuming your D.A.R.E. instructor was a man... and died. A recent study has come out suggesting that weed smokers have more sex than non weed smokers. Take that, anti-drug movement of the 80s and 90s! [Ed. note: we are not condemning anti-drug movements of the 80s and 90s]

The Skyn Condom 2015 Millennial Sex Study surveyed a crowd of over 5,000 people, ages 18 to 34, and concluded that 14% of those who smoke pot on a daily basis actually have sex several times a day. Furthermore, these daily pot smokers have also admitted to having more "one night stands than those who have never smoked" before.

Best part yet? These pot-smoking fornicators have the confidence of a young Harrison Ford. Or an old Harrison Ford for that matter -- that guy's a rock. An astonishing 59% of of those surveyed go on to report they are "amazing" or "very good" in bed. Interesting, but it sounds like something a horned-up pothead would say. The report coincidentally did not include information on delusions of grandeur.

The only downside to all this rampant intoxicated sex? Pot smokers are less safe than boring ol' Sober Sallies: "Only 44% of daily marijuana smokers use condoms compared to 48% of non-smokers." What? Jesus! Where's the class? Hey, you know what's even easier than buying that weed and legal in all 50 states? Condoms! Rubbers! Wrap it up, you goons!

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and always triple-bags it.

h/t: Maxim