This Laser Dinner at the World's Most Expensive Restaurant Looks Insane

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If doing dinner and a movie feels a little stale, you might consider taking the concept to the extreme. That's what happens at Ibiza's Sublimotion, the world's most expensive restaurant.

The restaurant isn't just a meal, but a full-on entertainment experience it says is "the greatest gastronomic show in the world." The meal costs around $2,000 per diner and includes virtual reality elements, laser light shows, and projection mapping in a room where projections run on just about every surface you can find. Even the interactive table is a palette for video projections.

The show sounds great, but it's elevated by a Michelin-starred menu, created by Chef Paco Roncero, who has a pair of Michelin stars. When the 12-seat, one-table restaurant opened in 2014, Roncero wouldn't say if it was the world's most expensive restaurant, but told the Telegraph it was the "cheapest life-changing experience anyone can have."

The restaurant is unexpectedly located in Ibiza, Spain's Hard Rock Cafe, and it's manned by 25 staff members -- cooks, waiters, DJs, illusionists, and craftsmen -- who create an experience you aren't likely to find on your block. With all of its dessert in balloons, drinks that mix themselves, and plates dropping from the ceiling, it's a slight step up from Netflix and chill. (Though, you could get 200 months of Netflix for the price of one dinner at Sublimotion.)

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