Finally, You Can Eat Subway Inside a Blimp 1,000 Feet in the Air

Subway is bringing a blimp restaurant to three cities, including Miami, as part of a new rollout.

subway blimp
Photo courtesy of Subway
Photo courtesy of Subway

Cruising the skies aboard a Subway Footlong-shaped blimp is already iconic as it is, but you know what is even more iconic? Having an actual Subway Footlong sandwich while you're aboard said blimp.

In September, that could actually be you. As part of its "Eat Fresh Refresh" rollout, Subway just launched "Subway in the Sky," an actual sub-shaped blimp that basically operates as a functioning, real-life Subway restaurant.

Six guests at a time can hop on the balloon and soar the skies for 45 minutes, and while they take in the breathtaking views they can dine on Subway's new Deli Heroes, which include the Titan Turkey, Grand Slam Ham, Garlic Roast Beef, and the Beast.

If this sounds like your dream September activity, you'll want to make sure you know where the blimp is heading next. From September 5–7, the sub-shaped balloon will be welcoming guests in Kansas City, Missouri, while Orlando-based Subway enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the blimp restaurant on September 19 and September 20. As a last stop, the blimp will be in the Miami area on September 24 and September 26.

You'd better hurry—spots are limited and you can secure yours by registering on Subway's website right here, where you can also find details on registration times.

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