A Crowded Subway Car Staged a Makeshift Graduation for a Kid Who Just Missed His

There's no panic quite like the one that washes over you when an unexpected hiccup during your commute leaves you unreasonably late for something super important. But when you're stuck underground on a slow subway car, there's really nothing you can do except make the best of it. That was confirmed in New York City earlier this week, when a group of delayed passengers huddled around to throw a makeshift graduation for a college student on the train who just missed the one he was en route to -- his own.

Dressed in full regalia and a decked out mortarboard, Hunter College nursing student Jerich Marco Alcantara left extra early with a gaggle of friends and family to make it to his commencement ceremony. However, due to outrageous and extended delays, they ended up stuck on an MTA E train for hours, causing him to completely miss the ceremony. That's when the crowd stepped in to make it up to him. Over the hum of Green Day's "Time of Your Life" (which was blaring from a wireless speaker Alcantara had evidently brought with him), a fellow passenger assumed the role of emcee, gave Alcantara a congratulatory handshake, and handed him a photo of a diploma, all as the rest of the train car looked on and recorded the mini celebration on their phones. 

In an interview with the TV station NY1, Alcantara explained how it all went down, "When we were on the train at some point it looked like everyone was kinda upset, tired of everything. So I decided I’d just thank everyone for being there for my graduation, that it meant a whole lot to me. And they just all started cheering."

Just remember this next time someone tells you everyone in New York is a jerk. 

h/tAtlas Obscura

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