Subway Quietly Removed 2 Options From Its Menu, and the People are Angry

Hint: Chicken is no longer in rotation.

Where's the (roast) beef? Gone from Subway's lineup, along with rotisserie-style chicken.

While there has been no official announcement from the company, the @SubwayListens Twitter account has been pretty obviously swerving complaints from consumers in a way that confirms the meats' removal, replying that there might still be leftover roast beef and chicken at certain locations.  

Sure, maybe the chicken ranked last on our list of best subway sandwiches, toddling slowly behind the ever-soggy, ever-disappointing veggie sandwich, but did it deserve this? Uh, Yes. Thrillist noted in 2018 that the rotating poultry was "dry, brittle, and hidden within the elbow of the bun." 

As for the roast beef? That ranked No. 3. Was it the best sandwich in the world? No, but it's a fairly standard meat choice -- it's what my dad always has me pick up at the deli. When I texted him asking him what he thought about Subway's discontinuing his choice of sandwich meat, he didn't answer. He must have been too upset, just like fans of the sandwich chain:

But every time the sandwich gods close a door, they open a window: Subway announced it's bringing back its $5 Footlong deal, so you can score the lucky remaining subs for a little cheaper. :)

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