Get a Footlong Sub Tattoo and Get Free Subway Sandwiches for Life

You can be one of nine Subway fans to get their love for the brand tatted.

On July 27, nine Subway superfans will get to have the sandwich chain permanently memorialized on their bodies at a block party in Las Vegas. Two-time Ink Master Champion DJ Tambe and his team will be tattooing fans from 11 am to 5 pm PT. Not only can you score a free tattoo, but depending on the size of the tattoo, you will also be rewarded with free subs.

For those willing to get a 2" x2" tattoo on their wrist, bicep, or foot, you can get free subs from Subway for a month. Anyone willing to get a 3" x3" tattoo on their shoulder blade, forearm, or calf, will get free subs for a year. And finally, to get subs for life, you'll have to be willing to get "The Footlong," a 12" x12" tattoo on your sternum or back.

"Tattoos hold a special meaning for my customers, they come to me to celebrate the things they love the most or to commemorate a major moment in their lives," said DJ Tambe in a press release shared by Subway. "Whether that's the first time trying the Subway Series or simply eternal love for Subway, I'm here to make that a permanent part of their lives and something to showcase."

Fans will be able to start lining up for the tattoos at 8 am PT. In total, one Footlong tattoo will be inked, and eight tattoos of either 3x3 or 2x2 will be given. The tattoos will only be available to adults age 21 and up on a first come, first served basis.

Not ready to commit to Subway with something so permanent? You can still come to the block party and get an airbrush tattooed instead. There will also be free six-inch subs from the new Subways Series menu, a DJ, a graffiti artist, and more.

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