Is Subway Getting Rid of Some Popular Sauces?

With Caesar dressing seemingly gone, sandwich fans search for answers.

Prachana Thong-on/Shutterstock

First, Caesar dressing started disappearing from Subway sandwich stations. Then, the list grew. It wasn't long before people wanted answers. So, Reddit user cthalo posed this question: "Is Subway discontinuing any of its dressings?"

The user went on to note that they'd recently visited their usual Subway, "only to be told the store didn't have Caesar dressing." Another user, noneknown, claiming to be a Subway employee, shed some light on the sauce situation, revealing that Caesar dressing is "not a required sauce anymore." According to the Reddit user, that means no store has to stock it. There's a good reason for the change, according to another Reddit poster. The user, yknowlikenia, revealed that the sauce wasn't all that popular. Subways were tossing a lot of stock, so they decided it was time to give Caesar the ax.

"Our store has not discontinued its Caesar dressing, but we barely sell one sandwich with it per week if it's bottled," yknowlikenia wrote. "So it's often the one dressing that expires and gets tossed out. If we are having an especially slow week, it is unlikely that we'll have it ready (and it often doesn't feel very worth it to make a new bottle just for one sandwich)."

While Caesar dressing inspired the post, it appears it's not the only dressing disappearing from Subways. According to the Reddit thread, Subway's vinaigrette, Chipotle dressing, and Creamy Sriracha have also been difficult to find.

Thrillist reached out to Subway for confirmation and got the following response: "Subway is constantly evaluating our products to innovate and evolve our menu to deliver flavorful, better-for-you options to our guests that are convenient, affordable and made fresh to order."

Whether your favorite Subway sauce will be available the next time you visit remains anyone's guess.

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