Stand on Glass 1,063 Feet Above New York City's Streets

This immersive experience offers a whole new way to interact with New York City's skyline.

Courtesy of SL Green

Move over, Top of The Rock. There's a new way to take in the New York City skyline. Realty company SL Green announced that its property, Summit One Vanderbilt has a new immersive skyscraper experience. And with a generous amount of glass floors to walk on, it seems it will best all other options for amazing views.

First, the Levitation Skyboxes let visitors walk onto transparent glass and look down from 1,063 feet above the ground. If you've ever wondered what it is like to stare down Madison Avenue from Spiderman's vantage point, this is your chance. Does that not sound intense enough for you? Try the Ascent, an all-glass elevator with a transparent floor that travels 1,200 feet up to the building's highest terrace.

Once you get off the elevator, you can enjoy the building's Aprés lounge and Summit Terrace. The space trades transparent glass floors for cocktails, food, a stunning city vista, and the inherent luxury that comes with standing at the top of New York City's fourth-tallest building.

For those looking for an artful component, there is Air, an experience designed by Kenzo Digital, that's a walkthrough art experience promising an "Immersion in nature in the heart of Manhattan, likened to a Central Park in the sky," according to a press release.

Visitors will be able to walk on glass, ride in glass, and take in the views starting on October 21. "We can't wait to welcome New Yorkers and visitors to New York to experience this truly unique destination right in the heart of Manhattan," said Marc Holliday, chairman and CEO of SL Green. "People are going to want to come back to Summit One Vanderbilt again and again."

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