Google's Super Bowl Ad Accidentally Made People's Google Homes Go Crazy

Like a handful of other Super Bowl commercials this year, Google's ad for its Google Home smart speaker featured a powerful theme of family/togetherness/unity that's sure to resonate, given the current political climate. But it looks like the one-minute spot may have also resonated with people's own Google Home devices, when it came on in millions of homes during the big game. For real.

As a report by The Verge explains, the "OK, Google" voice commander repeated throughout the commercial appears to have accidentally activated many users' Google Home devices, causing a bit of confusion and -- in many cases -- amusement in living rooms across the country. Specifically, the ad includes voice commands like "OK, Google, turn up the music" and "OK, Google, what sound does a whale make" and "OK, Google, turn on the hall lights," among others. As you can imagine, the Google Home devices that heard the commercial were happy to respond to the commands.

Many people, including The Verge reporter Kwame Opam, reported the decidedly 2017 phenomenon: 

This is far from the first time that TV broadcasts have accidentally set off people's smart home devices. Just a few months ago, a news show in San Diego caused some viewers' Amazon Alexa devices to search for dollhouses on Amazon. And it's probably safe to say similar incidents will continue to happen as more people put such devices in their homes, but then again, that's fine considering how funny it is.

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