These Little Kids Talking Football Are Better Than Every Sports Talk Radio Show

Sports talk radio has a reputation. You know, yelling, off the cuff reactions, bravado, etcetera. It might sound like it when you're listening, but it's not an easy thing to do. That's why these four young lads are so impressive. They've got the whole thing down. They're naturals. They're the Harry Potters of sports radio. They need their own show.

The NFL playoffs are underway, and these little Minnesotans are stoked about the Vikings. They've gathered around the elementary school equivalent of the water cooler to shoot the breeze with their own tiny tykes version of Mike and the Mad Dog.

Just like real radio, they talk over each other and get through all the salient points. Teddy Bridgewater is back. Probably doesn't change anything, but totally true. Dalvin Cook is still injured. Sure is. The Vikings could beat the Jaguars in the Super Bowl. They're even opinionated!

The world needs weekly updates from these kids. Hopefully, they'll be back on the job if the Vikings advance and continue their march toward being the first team to appear in a Super Bowl at their home stadium.

h/t Star Tribune

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