This Super Bowl Commercial Might Be the Dirtiest One You See This Year

Devour is a brand you might not recognize on sight. It doesn't carry the name recognition of companies that are staples in the Super Bowl commercial lineup like Pepsi or Doritos. However, the company has certainly made a memorable commercial for this year's Big Game. 

The 3-year-old frozen meal company is airing its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. On January 23, the company debuted its "uncensored" version of the spot online. It has not yet been revealed what is in the actual 30-second Super Bowl commercial, but this one-minute spot is... well... let's go with, rigorously suggestive. 

You're probably familiar with the label of "food porn," particularly if you've ever spent 10 seconds on Instagram. The premise of the commercial is to treat food porn like real pornography, more or less. It opens with a woman introducing the scenario. "My boyfriend is addicted to frozen food porn," she says. 

What follows is a minute of the boyfriend lustily watching videos on his computer, leaving used tissues under the bed, stirring food in a suggestive manner, and, eventually, shots of the couple getting into "amateur food videos." While it never actually goes anywhere lewd, it's not exactly playing coy, either. 

The company is also launching a food porn hotline in conjunction with the commercial. You can give 1-83-FOODPORN and get "seductive descriptions of mouthwatering frozen meals." It's a real thing. 

Watch the full video above. It will be surprising and notable if there's a dirtier commercial than this one during the Super Bowl on February 3.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.