An Aquarium Made the Best Super Bowl Hype Video This Year

Super Bowl LI is about to take place between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. People across the country are gearing up for the annual nationwide commercials and chicken wings binge that sadly doesn't result in a national holiday Monday. While people keeping finding new reasons to get excited about the game, the game's best hype video comes from a surprising source.

The Georgia Aquarium has put together the hype video you didn't know you wanted. It's full of celebrating otters who can catch a footballs, dolphins spitting on Patriots shirts, and a penguin who could probably be the best kicker in Minnesota Vikings history. They're all getting behind the Falcons' slogan "Rise Up" and they're trying to convince you to as well (though, polling suggests it won't take too much convincing).

So as you're watching commercials, enjoying the new trailers, or maybe housing 20,000 calories of Super Bowl foods, know that if you're cheering for the Patriots, you're making an otter sad. Pretty sure that's the message the Georgia Aquarium was going for. Don't make otters sad. They've already put up with so much, they don't need to deal with you too. 

h/t Mashable

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