Fallon Uses Puppies to Predict the Super Bowl and There's No Way It Could Be Wrong

Anything can happen in the Super Bowl. It's just one game. A single error could change everything. Five of the last six Super Bowls were won by the betting underdogs. So, why not let puppies predict what the outcome will be? It's unlikely to have a worse track record than many experts. (At least for the binary prediction of who will win. You'd need some very serious analysis if you're trying to predict, say, how many times someone will say "dilly dilly" during the Super Bowl broadcast.)

That's what Jimmy Fallon did on The Tonight Show. He pulled together a crack team of 11 puppies with names like Gary Frick Jr. and Mary Kennedy to run to the end of a ramp and pick a food dish labeled "Patriots" or "Eagles." The team with the most puppies at its dish, obviously, will win the Super Bowl. It's foolproof.

With Eagles fans wearing dog masks, you might have expected the puppies to feel right at home with the Eagles. But no! The puppies overwhelmingly think the Patriots are going to take the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. 

That or someone on staff is a Patriots fan and threw a little wet food under the kibble in the Patriots dish to make it a full feeding frenzy on the Bostonian side of the puppy ramp.

Puppies. They're the NFL's version of Paul the Psychic Octopus.

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