Super Mario Monopoly Changes the Rules to Make Monopoly Like 'Mario Kart'

Super Mario Monopoly
Hasbro | Thrillist/Maggie Rossetti

The world is lousy with special editions of Monopoly. There's American Choppers Monopoly, Avengers Monopoly, Bass Fishing Monopoly, and even a Rick and Morty Monopoly. (The last one should be a birthright because, oh man, there's a plumbus token!) However, those editions are the same old Monopoly re-skinned with a new theme. The Super Mario-themed Monopoly Gamer Edition is totally different. It twists gameplay to make it more like Mario video games.

The characters -- standard tokens include Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, with an option for "Power Packs" that contain additional characters like Toad, Wario, Diddy Kong, Boo, and Luigi -- race around the board to complete levels, collect coins, and battle bosses.

Each character has special powers that manifest when you roll a "Super Star" on the special dice. The Gamer Edition also adds Mario Kart-esque twists on the rules. For instance, if you get a green shell card, you can throw it at the character in front of you to make them drop coins (no money in this version, only coins). Additionally, each character has unique abilities that impact how you play the game. The stupid boot never did that. That useless lump of leather didn't do anything at all. Its special ability was losing its laces. Stupid boot. That's undoubtedly why Monopoly booted the boot as a token earlier this year.

Even better, instead of collecting $200 when you pass "Go," you trigger a boss fight. Any board game is obviously improved when you fight Larry Koopa instead of collecting a little scratch while arguing with friends about how free parking actually works.

Monopoly doesn't often take on totally new rules while still being Monopoly. Though, Monopoly Ultimate Banking and Monopoly Empire are notable exceptions. This isn't just a Mario facelift (that already happened); this is a fun twist on something familiar.

Monopoly Gamer Edition will officially be released in August, but a collector's edition is available starting today at US GameStop locations. Those editions come in special packaging with a bonus Bowser token. Hopefully, you can find somewhere as cool as this Super Mario-themed pop-up bar to play. 

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