Universal Just Teased the Opening of its Super Nintendo World Theme Park

It's boom times for anyone who has ever dreamed of cosplaying as a mustachioed plumber that battles shell-wearing dragons and slides down magical drain pipes. Universal Studios Japan is set to open its Super Nintendo World park this summer in Osaka, Japan. On January 13, the company released a new teaser that is basically just a CG music video but may hint a bit at what's to come. 

The video shows a lot of people playing Switch and dancing in a Mario-themed CG-wonderland. However, a site that launched along with the video during a press event Tuesday in Tokyo gives a little peek behind the green curtain. The park promises to track digital activities throughout the park and will have wrist bands called "Power Up Bands" that can sync with a smartphone app. 

The bands will allow you to compete against other park-goers and collect coins, reports Kurumi Mori, a Tokyo-based reporter for Bloomberg. At the press event, Theirry Coup, chief creative officer of Universal Creative, called the park "a life-size, living video game."

The site, through Google translate, says that guests will be able to travel around the park on Yoshi's back. Additionally, it'd been previously confirmed it will include a "state-of-the-art" Mario Kart ride. That's exciting, though predictable because how could you possibly have a Mario-themed park without a Mario Kart ride. 

For anyone who isn't planning a trip to Osaka or the Summer Olympics, the good news is that there are plans to bring a Super Nintendo World equivalent to Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando, as well as Singapore, at some point. Unfortunately, there's no timetable on its arrival at this point. 

h/t Verge

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