Soon You Can Play Mario Kart IRL at Universal Orlando's New 'Super Nintendo World'

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When the time comes for us Nintendo kids to put down our consoles and enter the real world, life can feel a bit like riding Bowser's clunky and navigationally unresponsive cart down an impossibly windy Rainbow Road. But soon, we can regress in a fun and acceptable way by merging our beloved video game childhoods with our grown-up lives in an IRL Mario Kart experience, coming soon to Universal Orlando. 

The news comes at the tail end of an announcement that Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Japan. According to Comcast, the world will include games, food, and two rides (a "Yoshi's Adventures" ride and "state-of-the-art" Mario Kart experience). The company posted a teaser to a new site on January 13, which momentarily displayed a smartphone sync-able tracking system in the form of a wrist accessory called the "Power Up Band." With this band you'll be able to track activities through the park.

There's much less information out there about Orlando's Nintendo World, unfortunately. But, according to CNET, executives of Universal's parent company, Comcast, confirmed the Florida opening during an earnings call on Thursday. Some speculate that the Nintendo World will be a part of the 2023 Epic Universe debut. One can only hope this is true, because it's high time we get themed cocktail tipsy, steal all of the cart boosts from children, and reclaim the Mario throne. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.