The Final Supermoon of 2016 Arrives Tuesday

Published On 12/11/2016 Published On 12/11/2016
Supermoon December

Skygazers have been spoiled in 2016. There have been many opportunities to catch a supermoon. Three straight full moons this fall have fallen at a time when the moon is at the closest point of approach in its orbit, earning it the colloquial "supermoon" moniker. 

On Dec. 13 the final installment of the "supermoon trifecta" will arrive, hitting its peak fullness at 7:05 ET on Dec. 14, according to They also note that you can get some good commentary and a great view when the Virtual Telescope Project hosts a live stream starting at 11am ET on Dec. 13.

It should be good viewing, even if it's not quite as close as the record-setting supermoon in November. That one was not only incredibly close, but a perigee-syzygy, meaning the moon was far brighter than normal due to the alignment of the sun, Earth, and moon. 

While that was a good opportunity for sky gazing, read on before your FOMO gets out of control. The difference to the naked eye between November and December's supermoons is negligible. 

So, if you're looking to get an incredible supermoon photo, you haven't missed out. But be sure to make the most of your supermoon photos with some tips from NASA photograph Bill Ingalls.

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