Watch This Surfer Set the Guinness World Record for Largest Wave Ever Surfed

It's hard to say whether the sea is more horrifying when it's tossing around massive waves or when it's eerily still in open water -- either way, it's not to be trifled with. Yet surfers continue to trifle with it every day. For some reason, mountains of water crashing down around them is something they desire, and bless them for it, because it means we get videos like the one above.

What you're watching is a Brazilian surfer breaking the record for largest wave ever surfed. That surfer's name is Rodrigo Koxa and you're watching the 38-year-old slice through an 80-foot wave in NazarĂ©, Portugal.

This actually happened on November 8 of 2017, but the record was just confirmed on Saturday night. Koxa now holds the Guinness World Record for largest wave surfed, which was made official at World Surf League's Big Wave Awards, where he also accepted the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award for biggest wave of the year. 

The previous record Guinness World Record was set by Garrett McNamara back in 2011, with a wave of 78 feet.

As Koxa accepted the award he said that setting the record was "the best day of my life." Few people's definitions of a good day include being at mercy of 80 feet of water, but more power to him.

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