Sushi Burgers Are Apparently Now a Thing

Plenty of fusion's going on in the culinary world today: David Chang's mixing Italian and Korean noodles; a food surgeon's Franken-welding candy bars; and now, people are making burgers out of sushi.

Yes, the last remnants of normal food are finally converging into one bizarre, cold bite, as the formula of sushi + other thing continues to move toward the eventuality of sushi smoothies. Those will be disgusting. But from the jump-off point of sushi burrito, now, the world of Instagram brings you sushi burgers.

Behold: a forthcoming dump of sushi burger photos -- and a video to boot!


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If you made it this far... thanks for doing that! But the reality, as you see, is sushi burgers are basically just a rearrangement of the sushi components into different places; the rice is a bun, and the middle is in the middle. But it's the other middle. You get it.

Is this bound to be a trend? No. Assuredly not. Look how small that one is in a woman's hands. But for now, we can share Instagrams of sushi burgers and laugh that we've advanced to such a place in horticulture that we make facsimiles of popular foods to look like other foods. We really have too much time on our hands.

But at least they look neat!

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