Swoveralls Are the Sweatpants and Overalls Mashup Your Lazy Time Needs

Whether or not you think it's acceptable to wear sweatpants in public, you wouldn't mind sweatpants that don't look like they're definitely the grossest thing you own. You don't want to sacrifice comfort, but you don't want it to look like you could fit three or four friends in those grease-stained stinkers you put on when no one is looking.

In September, The Great Fantastic launched Swoveralls, which look a bit like what Mario and Luigi wear at night. They're a combination of sweatpants and overalls, and the terry cotton get-up looks pretty damn comfortable. "I’ve always been attracted to somewhat eclectic/athletic styles of streetwear," Kyle Bergman, founder of The Great Fantastic and senior buyer for BirchboxMan, tells Thrillist.

He was drawn in by a similar product he'd seen for women, but he couldn't find sweatpant overalls for men. It piqued his interest because it looked like the kind of thing he'd have in his wardrobe. "I guess I would describe my own style as the child born from Adam Sandler’s character in Happy Gilmore and Luke Wilson’s in The Royal Tenenbaums," Bergman said.

The Swoverall ($85), which feels like the Snuggie's second cousin once removed, is currently available in two sizes and comes in grey and navy. The company will have a version designed for women hitting the store "very soon."

You could always go with the tracksuit look, but sweatpant overalls are a look that will make people ask, "What are you wearing?"

[h/t PopSugar]

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