The Entire Country of Sweden Is on Airbnb

Sweden has taken the odd step of listing the entire country on Airbnb in an effort to appeal to the avocado-wielding millennials of the world.

It's a clever ploy to promote "Allemansrätt," the nation's constitutionally protected "freedom to roam." The law says everyone has the right to camp, hike, bike, or otherwise access public land at will. The Swedes think it's an awesome idea and they want you to try it out. 

Among the nation's nine outdoor listings are a "rustic forest retreat," a "cozy glade," and "rugged cliffs shaped by the ice sheet." Each tongue-in-cheek listing is an actual outdoor space in Sweden where you could pitch a tent if you're so inclined. Anyone can. That's how "Allemensträtt" works.

Sweden on airbnb

Just like any other Airbnb listing, these listings include directions, amenities (natural heating from May-August), and user reviews.

The alluring campaign isn't a paid placement, but rather a convergence of goals. "As the initiative is a pure branding campaign for Sweden as a destination, the partnership is strategic for both parties and no payment has been done from/to either side," Jenny Kaiser, president of Visit Sweden's U.S. office, told Fast Company.

The listings are an attractive offer. Who doesn't want to "eat berries from the ground" and "sleep under the stars"? Plus, sleeping in a Swedish forest might be your only option if you've spent all your money on avocado toast

h/t Fast Company

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