Soccer Player Scores Epic Goal, Catches Beer in Mid-Air, and Instantly Chugs It

Kennedy Bakircioglu | Shutterstock
Kennedy Bakircioglu | Shutterstock

Things get pretty wild anytime someone scores during a pro soccer game. Crowds erupt, commentators deliver the rhapsodic "GOAAAAAAAAL!", and players assemble in a hurricane of celebration to revel in the brief moment of glory. However, one player's jubilant antics earlier this week earned legend status after he kicked in a 25-yard goal, victoriously raced toward the corner flag with his teammates, grabbed a beer tossed to him from the stands in mid-air, and promptly chugged it.

Kennedy Bakircioglü, a player on Swedish team Hammarby IF pulled off the impressive 25-yard free-kick goal against Gothenborg on October 1, and proceeded to celebrate by sprinting around with his teammates toward the sideline. Then, in the midst of all the commotion and as all manner of items were tossed onto the field from the bleachers, the 37-year-old midfielder managed to seamlessly snag a plastic pint of beer falling in his general direction mid-stride. What's even more amazing is that the beer made it into his grip without spilling entirely. Then, so as not to let the perfectly fine beverage go to waste or shun a gesture of goodwill from whatever fan threw it, he chugged it right then and there.

Of course, the phenomenal feat didn't go unnoticed, as you can hear the crowd and commentators rejoice in his slick skills clip of the moment (shown above). And Bakircioglü seemed equally proud to have pulled it off in a post-game interview.

“It was a beer that was thrown in with joy. I managed to catch it and get a little bit. I thought it was awesome, a funny thing," he recounted during the broadcast according to Munchies

With an attitude and reflexes like that, something tells us you wouldn't want to face off against him in flip cup.

h/t Munchies

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