The Chicken Wars Just Took an Unexpected Turn

Maybe you do win friends with salad.

Courtesy of Sweetgreen
Courtesy of Sweetgreen

It seems as though each day brings with it a new chicken sandwich for consideration. Fast food and fast casual restaurants saw Popeyes’ take become an industry leader and wanted in on the clucking action. And it makes sense for, say, McDonald’s or Wendy’s to tinker with their breaded poultry options, but Sweetgreen’s new contribution to the genre was a little less expected. 

Sweetgreen is launching a Crispy Chicken Salad, according to CNBC, under the headline, “Sweetgreen Enters the Crispy Chicken Wars With a Healthy Twist.” Forbes calls the new menu item “a salad interpretation of the crispy chicken sandwich.” Yahoo and Mashed espouse similar sentiments. Although crispy chicken has been “a thing” for many years, in many forms, and across many types of cuisine, it’s looming especially large at the moment. It was merely a matter of time before a brand eschewed the bread, and Sweetgreen swooped right in.

The salad features crispy rice, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, blackened chicken, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, and chopped local pickles, per the CNBC report. It comes with a “special sauce”-like remoulade dressing. 

“In January, to start the new year out, people are thinking about what they’re eating, and being conscious of their relationship with food,” Sweetgreen co-founder and chief concept officer Nic Jammet told the CNBC. “For us, it was referencing [the crispy chicken sandwich wars] into a bowl.”

Sweetgreen’s crispy chicken salad will sell for about $12.50 at locations nationwide.

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