Watch How Sweethearts Candies Changed over the Last 150 Years

Eating Sweethearts is, fittingly, just like celebrating Valentine's Day in the sense that you either love it, or you just pretend enjoy it for that one day every year. Regardless of how you feel about the suggestive sweets, they're the classic, heart-shaped candy you'll likely always associate with cartoon Valentine's Day cards from grade school and your drug store's post-Valentine's Day sales bin. But as a recent CNN video (above) explains, the Sweethearts you're given today are way different from the ones romantics exchanged 150 years ago.

In fact, before they were called Sweethearts they were known as "Conversation Candies" and even came in other shapes, like horseshoes and postcards, in the 19th Century. Since then, the messages printed atop the colorful sugar cutouts have been updated several times over the years, including new additions for 2016 like "sweet tweet," "me + you," and "on fleek," according to the video. However, we totally wouldn't mind them bringing back the "shall we elope" message from the turn of the century.

h/t Eater

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