Someone Deliberately Cut Down This Iconic 200-Year-Old Tree in England

The famous sycamore tree was featured prominently in the 1991 film "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves."

A beautiful, 200-year-old sycamore tree that had earned many accolades including 2016 English Tree of Year was felled overnight on Wednesday in what authorities have called an "act of vandalism." The tree, which is located in the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland National Park, was considered a "world renowned landmark," according to the BBC. The wall itself dates back to the Roman Empire.

The sycamore was reportedly the most photographed tree in the UK, and beyond amateur lenses, it was also featured in the blockbuster 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which features scenes shot at Hadrian's Wall.

In photos of the scene, it can be seen that the tree was completely chopped down. When searching for the Sycamore Gap Tree, some search results already pop up for the Sycamore Gap Stump. Locals to the area, photographers, and members of the National Trust reported feeling devastated by the destruction of such a beloved natural landmark.

"Everyone’s just in shock. It's one of the most iconic landscapes in the country. When we feel that sense of loss, how do we perpetuate the legacy and create a real sense of meaningfulness," Tony Gates, the chief executive of the Northumberland National Park, said to The Guardian. "There have been lots of really good ideas from the community already and so we need to be open and hear those. Whatever happens next needs to be with the consent and ownership of everyone."

Police announced that a 16-year-old has been arrested in connection with the felled tree, but have not released many additional details.

"Given our investigation remains at a very early stage, we are keeping an open mind," the Northumbria Police shared in a statement on social media.

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