Olympic Swimmer Drops Hilarious NSFW Reaction on Live TV After Intense Relay

Add this to the list of Tokyo 2020 bloopers.

Olympians: they're just like us. They put on their uniforms one leg at a time and get nervous as heck before a big race or competition. Take Sydney Pickrem, a Canadian swimmer, for example. She won over the hearts of Olympics spectators everywhere when she admitted during a live TV interview that she was in shambles during Sunday's 4x100-meter medley relay.

To viewers, it appeared nothing was out of the ordinary as Pickrem entered the water with her teammates, pulling off a 1:07.17 breaststroke. Team Canada finished third place in the race, and Pickrem scored her first Olympic medal ever according to Insider. Speaking with the CBC after swimming like a shark was after her, Pickrem revealed just how nervous she really was during the race. 

"I was absolutely shitting myself," Pickrem told a reporter. "I'm not going to try and sugarcoat it."

Pickrem's teammates stood by her side, chuckling at her making the admission on TV. Naturally, the internet ate it up.

You can add that to the growing list of epic Olympic finishes. It's right up there with this Australian coach losing his mind after Ariarne Titmus' Olympic victory and Team Great Britain's Adam Peaty dropping two F-bombs after winning gold. It's an exciting time—we get it. 

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