T-Pain Secretly Runs a Fantastic, Hysterical Facebook Page

Published On 02/19/2016 Published On 02/19/2016

You'd expect a man who croons about "shawtys" (shawties?) for a living to offer plenty of insight about dating. But that's not his sole area of expertise. Leave it up to the singer of "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')" to know a thing or two about how to prepare your body for a night out.


Night of heavy drinking? Eat a slice of cheese after every drink. The constipation will prevent the beer shits in the morning. You're welcome

He'll also, at times, posts meme cards resembling those of the Fat Jew or Fuck Jerry, except, well, T-Pain isn't famous for stealing other people's jokes. He's famous for creating autotuned grooves that make girls want to dance, and everyone to get their sexytime on.


that’s not cool man #painful

Posted by T-Pain on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Of course, Facebook isn't T-Pain's only social media outlet, as he recently conducted an AMA session on Reddit, fielding dozens of questions from fans. But even cooler? Someone discovered a comment from another reddit account belonging to T-Pain that went unnoticed for a year where he expressed sincere gratitude toward redditors and the way the website had impacted his world.

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