We Demand That T-Rexes Now Dance at All Halftime Performances

What, exactly, is the function of the football halftime show? To entertain the audience between the bouts of violence? Sure. To give band kids their time to shine? Absolutely. To parade dancing T-rexes about the field with much gusto? From now on, we hope and pray so. It's infinitely better than "Flight of the Bumblebee."

The FOX College Football tweet that delivered the footage above to the world is captioned, "What is happening?" On one level, no one can answer that. But, leaving out the existential underpinnings, we can provide a little context.

This spectacle was the halftime performance of Saturday's Iowa State-West Virginia game. ISU's marching band performed John Williams' theme to Jurassic Park as a tribute to the movie's 25th anniversary. We can only assume that a two dozen dino salute is the greatest possible honor in the T-rex community. 

Mashable points out that this isn't the first time dinosaurs have made their way onto the football field. The University of Michigan brought T-rexes out just last year. That means there's precedent. So there's no reason this can't happen at every single football game until we too go extinct.

Also, FYI, you can get one of these costumes for like $50. 


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