Tabasco Is Launching an Entire Line of BBQ Sauces

Just in time for a spicy twist on your summer grilling this year.

Courtesy of Tabasco

If we're being honest, the absolute best part of the meal is whatever condiment you're usingā€”be it ketchup, aioli, or a little hot sauce if you're feeling spicy. And while, personally, I'm a fan of the last option, Tabasco is whipping up an entire line of BBQ sauces that just might lure me to the tangy side. 

The hot sauce maker just announced plans to enter a new category just in time for summer grilling season. Tabasco is officially unleashing four BBQ sauces, all with varying heat levels. 

"Got big summer plans? Us, too. Say hello to the first-ever Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces. A fiery take on Americaā€™s favorite Summertime flavors, available in Original and Honey for those who love the classics, plus JalapeƱo Mesquite and Habanero Jerk for anyone feeling a bit more adventurous," the company said in an Instagram post on Wednesday. 

Here's what you can expect from each sauce in the lineup, per a press release: 

  • Tabasco Brand Original BBQ Sauce: An all-American BBQ sauce with a little kick from Tabasco's Original Red Sauce. 
  • Tabasco Brand Honey BBQ Sauce: Think sticky-sweet with a bit of smoke, thanks to Tabasco's signature Chipotle Sauce. 
  • Tabasco Brand JalapeƱo Mesquite BBQ Sauce: Mesquite meets bright and zesty courtesy of Tabasco's Green JalapeƱo Sauce.
  • Tabasco Brand Habanero Jerk BBQ Sauce: This one features Caribbean flavors of the Habanero Pepper Sauce.

"BBQ is synonymous with summer and Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces are bringing the heat to spice up everything you put on the grill all season long. For milder heat, try our JalapeƱo Mesquite and Honey BBQ Sauces," Tabasco said in the release. "Our JalapeƱo Mesquite BBQ Sauce pairs verdant and mild jalapeƱo with mesquite, the definitive flavor notes when cooking over an open flame. The rich and smoky spice of Tabasco Chipotle Sauce is balanced by sweet honey for a delightfully savory flavor in our Honey BBQ Sauce." 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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