Calling All Hot Sauce Lovers, Tabasco Just Added a New Flavor

tabasco hot sauce rocoto pepper
Courtesy of McIlhenny Co.

Tabasco is quite possibly one of the most ubiquitous hot sauces in the world, found in bubbling pots of gumbo, dashed onto scrambled eggs from diners, and "borrowed" from Chipotle restaurants. It's not too surprising the peppery hot sauce has found world domination, as its been produced since the late 1800s and therefore has had plenty of time to perfect its fiery recipe in Louisiana. 

As good as the original Tabasco sauce is, however, there's always room for innovation. Enter the newest flavor produced by the Tabasco brand: Rocoto Pepper Sauce. Rocoto peppers are native to high elevations in South America and are much hotter than jalapeños, with a Scoville unit ranging that can reach upwards of 100,000 (while jalapeños are around 4,000 units).

Don't worry though, the new Tabasco sauce won't melt your face off. In fact, it's actually more mild than the original Tabasco sauce, sitting at 1,500 Scoville units. This is because the Rocoto peppers are tamed with a blend of maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, nutmeg, and black pepper -- resulting in a sweet, spicy, and fragrant sauce. There's also a bit of the original Tabasco sauce blended in as well, for that signature tongue-tingling kick.

You can snag your own limited edition bottle of Rocoto Tabasco sauce at Tabasco's online country store only. The bottle is available beginning November 20 and clocks in at $14.99 for a five-ounce bottle, so make sure to get it for your favorite hot sauce fanatic.

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