Taco Bell Just Launched Its First-Ever Beer

taco Bell beer
Taco Bell
Taco Bell

In its ongoing effort to think outside the bun, Taco Bell has gone far beyond crunchy or soft. The company whose slogan was once "Ding Dong! Tacos!" has officially launched its first Taco Bell Cantina in Southern California. The new Cantinas take Taco Bell to the next level by slinging beer alongside your Doritos Locos.

In celebration of the new Cantina in Newport Beach, Taco Bell has collaborated with the Huntington Beach-based Four Sons Brewing to make the first-ever Taco Bell beer.

taco bell beer
Taco Bell

The brew is called Beach Bell. It's a Mexican-style Amber Lager developed by the brewery and Taco Bell's culinary chefs. According to the release, the beer has "a unique flavor profile to enhance and compliment Taco Bell’s food and flavors." Unfortunately for most lovers of tacos and beer, the beer is only available at the Newport Beach Cantina location, which officially opens on December 14.

In December, Taco Bell has opened Cantinas in Newport Beach, Cincinnati, and Wabash, bringing the US total to 11. Next up are locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Boulder, and Madison. Serving beer, in addition to the new dollar menu, is only cementing Taco Bell as a late-night hub for people looking to live mas, even though none of the Cantinas will have a drive-thru window.

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