Taco Bell Just Hired an 8-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient as an Honorary Employee

Courtesy of Taco Bell

First jobs are a milestone. One that conflicts with your budding social life, pays next to nothing, and probably requires an annoying uniform you'll resent every second of your shift, but one nonetheless. And for 8-year-old cancer patient David Turner Jr., who received recent news his brain tumor has progressed, it was one he didn't wanna miss out on. 

He didn't want to work just anywhere, either. Turner had his sights set on Taco Bell. According to his mother, Elizabeth, he repeatedly asked about working there, but when she told him he'd probably have to wait until 15, he wasn't having it. "He told me, 'That's ridiculous because I could make tacos.' And then he went on to explain a 10-year-old could make tacos and mind you, he is 8," she told local news outlet WDRB

The Louisville-based mom decided to take matters into her own hands and called their local chain, the very spot she had worked in high school. And just like that, David was hired. "I will say, I was shocked that this was his dream, but I was so excited when he came in here," owner Judd Whishnow said, per the report.

He reportedly took orders and helped out around the dining room, with Wishnow adding, "he was very good at upselling and doing stuff on his own. You have to be impressed." 

His first day experience, however, was probably a little more exciting than yours. He scored serious T-Bell swag, a taco-themed cake, $100 check, certificate of achievement, and more. 

"It's exciting because unfortunately he may not be 15 and have a first job with the type of diagnosis he has," his mom added. 

h/t Fox News 

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