Man Breaks Into Taco Bell, Makes Food, Takes a 3-Hour Nap

Courtesy of Taco Bell

If the clock strikes midnight -- and you've maybe, possibly, definitely had a few alcoholic beverages -- you're obligated to chow down on a Quesorito. Sorry, I don't make the rules. I just follow them. And apparently, so does the Georgia-based man caught on surveillance cams breaking into his local Taco Bell to whip up a snack. And promptly nap. 

The Gwinnett County Police Department in Lawrenceville shared footage of the suspect climbing through the restaurant's drive-thru around 12:25am on December 25. "After he makes entry, he is seen on surveillance using the fryers to make himself a meal and then eats," police said in a statement, according to ABC News

I'm not saying Taco Bell should hire the man who broke in illegally (that's bad), but I'm also not not saying it either. This dude knows his way around a fryer.  According to the outlet, the suspect -- who was outfitted in "black sweatpants, a black hooded sweatshirt, and black sneakers" -- followed up his late-night feast with a three hour-long nap. We all know a good T-Bell binge really takes it out of you. 

And while, sure, I can't say I blame the guy for the eating and napping, he did stir up some other trouble. He walked away with a stolen laptop and tablet, according to authorities. The Burglary Unit is now asking the public to use the photos and video provided to identify the Taco Bell bandit. Anyone with information can contact the GCPD detectives or Crime Stoppers. 

h/t ABC News

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