Nearly 100 People Held a Candlelight Vigil for a Taco Bell That Burned Down

How deep does your love for Taco Bell go? No matter how long you're willing wait on a Chalupa or how much you'd pay for a Fire Sauce-branded bodysuit, it's tough to imagine you're as devoted to the fast food chain as some residents of Montgomery, Alabama, who recently held a candlelight vigil for their local Taco Bell that burned down last week.

Yes, we're serious. As serious as $1 nacho fries.

taco bell fire
Montgomery Fire/Rescue

Last week, an electrical fire broke out in the the 24-hour Taco Bell on the 2600 block of Zelda Road in Montgomery, causing the structure to partially collapse. Fortunately, no one was injured in the blaze, but the restaurant was totally destroyed, leaving local T-Bell fans without a place to grab a Gordita to-go in the middle of the night.

Local resident Russell Dowis was so bummed to discover that Taco Bell was gone that he jokingly told his roommate, Katie James, that they should hold a memorial for it. A few minutes later, James actually went ahead and created a Facebook event for a "Candle light vigil for Taco Bell" to be held Sunday night.

"Please join us in mourning as we stand together in the loss of our beloved taco bell," the event page stated. "May we never forget the okay customer service and long wait line for the oh so delightful baja blasts and 5 dollar quesadilla box. Bring your own candles. We are broke."

Over 500 people confirmed their attendance, but James decided to cancel the initial invite when she learned they couldn't get permission to hold the vigil on the Taco Bell site. Caving to popular demand, she brought it back, instructing people to meet in the parking lot of the Arby's across the street instead.

Nearly 100 people turned out for the vigil, according to a report by HuffPost, and attendees paid their respects in a variety of ways. One group -- clad in all-white outfits -- solemnly marched around with candles, sang songs, and poured out a Baja Blast in tribute to the fallen fast food franchise.

In response to the vigil, the unnamed owners of the Taco Bell said they were very grateful.

"We are overwhelmed by the displays of support," they told local NBC affiliate WSFA. "We are extremely thankful that no one was harmed early Wednesday morning when the store burned and that no firefighters were injured as they battled the flames in single digit temperatures.”

They also promised to rebuild the restaurant, stating "We will have a true celebration upon re-opening and hope that all of you that Quiero Taco Bell will Run to the Border on Zelda and LiveMas with us!!!!”

h/t HuffPost, WSFA

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