Taco Bell Discontinued One of Its Best Desserts and We Are Mourning

Foods come and go on Taco Bell's menu all the time, but a recent change to the Crunchwrap maker's dessert lineup is hitting us particularly hard. The chain quietly discontinued its caramel apple empanada in recent months, leaving a half moon-shaped void in its place (and my heart).

The caramel apple empanada is arguably the best dessert Taco Bell has ever had -- potentially even better than McDonald's classic apple pie. The fillings were always piping hot, gooey with caramel, and oozing the enticing aromas of spiced apple. The shell was a perfect combination of flaky exterior and soft, pastry interior. 

“Even the sweetest things in life don’t last forever. While we are sad to confirm that the beloved Caramel Apple Empanada is no longer on menus nationwide, we encourage fans to spread their appreciation to our other amazing desserts," a spokesperson for Taco Bell said. 

Though Taco Bell is notorious for constantly adding and removing menu items, the caramel apple empanada was a mainstay, lasting 15 years as a beloved dessert for the Mexican-inspired chain. In its wake, the caramel apple empanada leaves behind cinnamon twists -- possibly among the worst fast food dessert ever that tastes like a combination of fried air and the cinnamon challenge gone wrong -- and Cinnabon delights, which sure, they're fine and good (but if I really wanted Cinnabon I could just go... to a Cinnabon).

It's unclear what the future of Taco Bell's dessert menu is going to look like now that we've said farewell to the caramel apple empanada. Already, passionate fans of the treat have created a Change.org petition rallying for the return of the cherished dessert; the petition has already acquired over 800 signatures.

For now, if I'm in dire need of a solid fast food pie, I'll head to Jollibee for its peach mango -- while mourning the loss of an old friend, the caramel apple empanada. 

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